Video: Beta Footage 2

The second in the new short gameplay footage sequences: Basic Tank movement and combat animations. (Note: Sound effects are still work-in-progess)

Video: First Beta Footage

The team is putting a lot of effort into the game’s unit animations, so in addition to the regular little screenshot sneakpeeks we’ll be doing some video footage as well. For the first video, we’ll have a closer look at the Artillery firing animations. Note little details such as the shell case and the puff of smoke being ejected after […]

Unit List: American Tanks

The American Tank class selection has been added to the game’s official unit list.   Preview of some of the US tanks available in the game

First screenshots released

To commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, present the first official screenshots of the Order of Battle: Pacific.   It was on December 7, 1941, that one of the most shocking events in American history occurred: the surprise strike on the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor by the hand of the Japanese Empire. Designed […]