Merry Christmas!

OOBP Gameplay Footage

If you have missed this week’s live Twitch TV stream, the video is now available on Youtube. This is the first true gameplay footage we have released, demonstrating the “Road to Manila” scenario from the Japanese campaign.

OOBP Twitch Stream

Join us this Wednesday as we give you a preview of Order of Battle: Pacific. The game is a turn based strategy game set during the Pacific War, where you have to take control of land, sea and air forces in order to seize victory and proceed through the two campaigns. This stream will be the first time that we […]

Scenario Editor Preview

It’s been a while since we have released some news here, being focused entirely on the beta testing! Let’s have a look at the game’s built-in scenario editor today. This tool is available directly from the main menu and has been used to create all the game’s official scenarios. So players will have access to exactly the same tool as […]

Enlist for Beta Testing

Order of Battle: Pacific needs your help! Sign up for the beta testing and help us test the game before final release. By applying for the beta, you will be able to get a first taste of the gameplay and it will give you a chance to assist us in making Order of Battle the best game it can be. […]

A collection of screenshots recently posted on the game forums and Facebook page. Losing a carrier to a sneaky submarine is painful. Especially if it was packed with aircraft…     Commanders can’t actualy die, but when their parent unit get destroyed you’re looking at a long recovery time.     Screenshots from a Multiplayer test game:

Preview: Scenario Editor

The game comes with a powerful built-in scenario editor which allows players to create their own custom maps and scenarios. The same tool has been used to create all the official campaigns and scenarios and is directly available from the main menu. Today we reveal a sneak peek of the editor mode: Maps are edited in the “boardgame style” visuals, […]

UI Features II

In this week’s UI preview we take a closer look at the Unit Information panel. Managing your units throughout the campaign is an important part of the gameplay and this panel provides detailed information about their history and performance. Next to the stats of the selected unit and its Commander, the “General” tab displays the Logbook. This contains short messages […]

UI Features I

In a less conventional series of previews, we’ll be showing off some of the game’s menu and UI panels over the next few weeks. Closer study of these screenshots can reveal all sorts of secondary gameplay features.

Unit Icons

Order of Battle: Pacific will feature over 450 unique looking and behaving units. Today we are happy to present you with a small selection of the many units available to the player in this intuitive strategy game. Only effective use of these units will win you the day, and only by identifying hostile units first can their weaknesses be exploited!