Finally it is here! Today you have the chance to command naval, air and land units of both factions in the game during two massive and dynamic campaigns, and in a set of scenarios for cooperative and versus multiplayer games either local or by Internet. Order of Battle: Pacific offers a deep and challenging strategic experience in a WW2 Theater […]

(1) Unit Preview: Super Weapons

Order of Battle Pacific releases tomorrow, April 30th! We conclude the countdown videos with a couple of super weapons available in the late game. Jet fighters, B29 Nuclear Bombers, super heavy tanks… you’ll be able to field a fearsome army in 1945 and 1946!

Only 2 days to go until the release on April 30th! Instead of the usual unit previews, today’s countdown video provides a quick demonstration on how heavily dug-in positions can be destroyed. Due to the supply system in Order of Battle, even the strongest defense will collapse if it is enveloped and cut off from supply!

3 Days until the game release! Amphibious vehicles have the ability to enter, move through and exit water hexes. They are also unaffected by the movement restrictions rivers impose on other ground units. This allows them to use these natural barriers to their own advantage.

4 Days until release! The Yamato and her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed. Packed with 9 460mm guns and countless secondary batteries and AA weapons, this ship can both deal and take a massive punishment.

5 Days until release! The B5N Kanko – codenamed “Kate” by the Allied forces – is the primary Japanese torpedo bomber at the beginning of the war. If these planes can reach an enemy ship unopposed, massive damage can be delt in a single strike. Each time the torpedo ability is used it needs a few turns to recharge however, […]

6 Days until release! In today’s video we take a look at the Sherman Calliope, which is basically an M4 Sherman tank with a frame of several rocket tubes mounted on top of its turret. While the unit can still fire its cannon and machine guns like a normal tank, the additional rocket system allow it to pepper a target […]

(7) Unit Preview: Engineers

7 Days until release! Next in line for the unit preview videos is the Japanese Engineers. Suitable for reducing enemy entrenchment levels and packed with frightning flamethrowers which excel in close terrain, this unit also has a whole range of special abilities: Bridges can be blown up, supply sources can be destroyed, mines can be layed and cleared and pontoon […]

(8) Twitch TV Gameplay

8 Days left until the release on 30th April. Instead of a new unit preview video we’ll be doing a Twitch TV gameplay session. I assure you it’ll feature many units as well! 😉 The Stream will start today, Wednesday, at 20:00 CEST/ 14:00 EDT on the official Twitch Channel.

9 Days until release! In the second of the unit preview videos we take a look at the US Raider Marines. These specialised units are ideal for harassment and operating behind enemy lines. Invisible to all enemy units except adjacent infantry, these commandos can move through enemy territory undetected and strike where the enemy is the weakest!