The Artistocrats is an established video game developer based in Hasselt (Belgium), experienced in strategy games. All our focus currently goes to a new RTS game based on a well known Sci-Fi motion picture series – to be announced in November.

We are looking for an artist specialised in 3D VFX/particle effects to work on this project. Tasks may vary according to project requirements, but mainly include:

  • Weapon FX: muzzle flashes, laser beams, missile exhaust FX, …
  • Explosions: fireballs, grenade fragments, dust & dirt blasts, …
  • Smoke & fire: Flames, burning objects, flamethrowers, gass clouds, …
  • Various special ability effects such as “radio waves”, shockwaves, welding torches, …


Job details:
Start:           As soon as available
Contract:    Part-time or freelancer
Location:    Remote working and/or in our office



Required experience with:

  • Creation of detailed, complex and high performance visual effects
  • 3D Modelling & VFX software such as After Effects, Houdini, 3DStudio Max, Maya, …

Recommended experience with:

  • Unity3D
  • 3DS Max or Maya
  • Photoshop, Substance Painter and/or other texturing tools
  • HLSL/GLSL shader language


Send your CV and/or portfolio to