Order of Battle – Morning Sun

Everyone knows the importance of the Pacific Theatre during World War II. Some of the bloodiest battles of the whole conflict were fought on the wide oceans and in the deep jungles. After three years and thousands of dead on all sides the Japanese Empire was destroyed and a new balance of power was established.

But this conflict started earlier than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. China saw its own borders constantly menaced and, after many “incidents”, on July 7th of 1937 Japan began a large invasion of the Chinese soil. A nominally united China was still fighting its own internal wars and was initially ill-prepared for the onslaught leading to the Japanese forces conquering an impressive amount of land but at the cost of overstretching its lines..

The Second Sino – Japanese War has begun!

With Morning Sun, Order of Battle: Pacific – after the release of the free update Battle of Britain – comes back to the Pacific Theatre, covering one of the cruellest but most underrated conflicts of the Second World War period..

The game is ready for Beta phase and we ask players to join it to help us in giving the final touches!

Screenshots and more information are available on the product page.