The Artistocrats is an established video game developer based in Limburg, Belgium, specialised in strategy games. We have released 12 titles on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG and we are also expanding into the console space. Our current flagship title is Order of Battle – WW2:

Now we are developing an unannounced new Real Time Strategy Game, together with publisher Slitherine, based on a major Sci-Fi motion picture series. Working with a movie brand is both a great opportunity and exciting challenge, requiring us to expand our development team.

Most importantly we are looking for an additional programmer to take an important role in the creation of our new project, developed in Unity. Because this requires a very specific skill-set and because of the international composition of our team, we are advertising this as a remote working role where most of the work can be done from home.

Tasks may vary according to project requirements, but mainly include:

  • Pathfinding routines to effectively route hundreds of units across large maps
  • Real time multiplayer network code to support synchronized games between up to 8 players.
  • Other aspects related to the development of a video game, such as code optimization and the implementation of gameplay rules, AI and UI

Job details:
Start:           As soon as available
Contract:    Full time or part time
Status:        Freelancer or full employment
Location:    Remote working, home-based



Required experience with:

  • C#
  • Unity (2017)

Recommended experience with:

  • RTS pathfinding & dynamic object avoiding
  • RTS multiplayer: lockstep & client-server models
  • Shaderlab


We offer

  • Become a part of a small, friendly but ambitious game development team
  • Gain experience through far-reaching involvement in the development of a video game, as well the advertising and publishing processes
  • Ability to work from home
  • Fair remuneration based on market standards



Send your CV and/or portfolio to